Value of the GIPS® Standards

The Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®) are a voluntary set of principles based on fair representation and full disclosure. There are many benefits of being complaint with the standards and having the claim of compliance verified by an independent verifier. See what the GIPS standards can do for your business:

Benefits of being compliant:

• Demonstrate to existing clients and investors, prospective clients and investors, regulatory agencies, and the general public that the asset manager supports an accepted set of best practices for calculating and presenting investment performance
• Show a commitment to follow best practices for valuing investments, creating comprehensive performance policies and procedures, and calculating and presenting investment performance that is consistent and transparent
• Improve operational and recordkeeping procedures and enhance communication throughout all impacted departments

Benefits of having the claim of compliance verified:

• Advance further in the RFP process
• Assure performance distributed is accurate and disclosures are complete

Benefits of working with a verifier:

• Receive continuous consulting, practical knowledge, and advice throughout year when working through unique circumstances
• Gain another trusted source in keeping current with updates to the standards
• Develop a partnership that ensures potential issues are addressed in real time, instead of waiting until the annual verification

At Fairview Performance Services, our experienced staff can help you attain and maintain compliance with the GIPS standards. Contact us today for more information about what we can do to assist your firm.

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