CFA Institute’s Online Resources for Asset Owners Claiming Compliance with the 2020 GIPS® Standards

CFA Institute’s website has a great list of resources for asset owners claiming compliance with the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®). Most items relate to the 2020 edition of the GIPS Standards that was released on June 30, 2019. The documents include information and insights about implementation of the GIPS standards along with best practices and other provisions. A summary of the resources and tools is below:

  • 2020 GIPS standards resources:
    • Explanation of the Provisions in Section 21 – Fundamentals of Compliance
    • Explanation of the Provisions in Section 22 – Input Data and Calculation Methodology
    • Explanation of the Provisions in Section 23 – Total Fund and Composite Maintenance

Within each section, the discussion and explanations are informative and help to address options asset owners should consider when establishing or modifying policies and procedures. In addition, there are links to purchase a paperback copy of the GIPS standards and the Explanation of the Provisions.

  • 2020 GIPS standards tools:
    • Explanation of the provisions in Section 22 – calculations
    • GIPS reports for asset owners – comparison of reports table
  • Branding guidelines: guidance for the proper use of the “GIPS®” trademark
  • The GIPS Standards Newsletter and sign-up form
  • Other helpful resources
    • List of GIPS standards service providers
    • Suggested questions for asset owners to ask verifiers
    • GIPS standards for asset owners adopting release
    • Guidance statement on verifier independence

We encourage you to review these helpful resources. Fairview Performance Services is available to answer questions about interpreting and applying the new guidance.

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